Vladimir Yakushev: the medal of Ekaterina Yurlova proved that we are going in the right direction

The member of the Council of the Russian Biathlon Union and the governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev has visited the Biathlon World Cup Final in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Vladimir Vladimirovich has shared his emotions about the World Championships in Kontiolahti with journalists.

— Our women’s team showed its maximum, as for the men’s squad, we had many opportunities but were not able to use them. So the overall results are not as good as we expected.

We have a lot of problems to solve, that’s why we need to analyze our performance on the World Championships in detail, especially the training of athletes. We will scrutinize our mistakes; work on the physical and psychological conditions of athletes.

The season ends soon, what problems did you manage to solve and what issues are still outstanding?

— I think, there were no problems in organizing. Now we have to deal with the questions of training athletes. They are still outstanding and very important. We are ready to experiment and are sure that every athlete needs an individual approach and a special training schedule. We shouldn’t use one and the same training pattern for everybody, this will not give us a good result. The medal of Ekaterina Yurlova proved that we are going in the right direction.