Tarjei Boe: I was told that Russian bear was behind me

The press-conference with medal-winners of men’s mass-start was held in the media-centre of the World Cup Final.

Jakov Fak (1st place)


— The race was very hard but exciting. I feel very satisfied after the race; this is the best way to end the season. I won in the discipline that brought me golden medal of the World Championships.

I had some problems in prone; I was shooting very slowly, because I had problems with my sight, maybe this was because of wind or dry air. I am very glad to show lean shooting. Before the race I was not feeling good, that’s why I concentrated on shooting. I was feeling rather confident on the last leg; I was satisfied with my skiing and had enough strength until the last uphill.

Anton Shipulin (2nd place)


— On my last leg I did my best to pursue Tarjei and spent a lot of energy in doing this. Почти Today we were fighting in the finish zone again, I’d like to thank Tarjei for letting me overrun him. I am satisfied with the race, I had a very good day today… I was fast on the shooting range, but my skiing was very fast. I was in a good physical condition today, although I feel very tired in the end of the season. But I was struggling till the end with the support of my fans.

Of cause, I wanted to win; however, the fact that I got medals in all three races is very good. Now I have a new goal for the next season, I have the second position in the total score and this makes me feel very motivated. Next season Martin needs to be aware of me behind his shoulder!

Tarjei Boe (3rd place)


— I tried to get closer to Jakov, I felt like I had enough strength to do this, but was not able to overrun him. Later I was informed that the Russian bear is right behind me, that is why the last leg was very difficult. I let Jakov go and started fighting for the second place. I tried to attack but Anton was skiing very fast and failed to keep his pace, he is the best sprinter.