Laura Dahlmeier wins the last race of the biathlon season

German athlete Laura Dahlmeier won women’s mass-start of the Biathlon World Cup Final in Khanty-Mansiysk. Darya Domracheva finished 4th and became the winner of the World Cup total score.

As the athlete from Belarus said, she felt very motivated, but missed targets in shooting did not allow her to win the race. Darya’s main rival Kaisa Makarainen from Finland made even more mistakes on the shooting range; she had 5 missed targets in the race and finished 13th. As a result, Kaisa surrendered in the fight for the main trophy of the World Cup.


Laura Dahlmeier overrun Gabriela Soukalova from Czech Republic before the finish and got 2nd position. The bronze went to Marie Dorin-Haubert from France.

“We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays, we all need to rest. I’ve never thought I would be able to win for the second time in the season. The team of Germany made a good job. We’ll do our best to improve our results next season”, — said the winner.