Today is a relatively calm day in Khanty-Mansiysk. Athletes will have training in the evening and March’19 will be the day of the first race of the competitions – men’s sprint. However, the process of getting ready for the conclusive races of the season is in full swing.

The official photograph of the media-centre of the World Cup Final tried to depict the atmosphere on the stadium.

LS3A0197The first journalists have arrived to the media-centre of the competitions. Around 100 media representatives from Russia, Germany, Norway, Austria and other countries will be giving coverage to the races of the World Cup Final.

LS3A0214A smiley media-centre team member Maxim is working at the information desk and is always ready to assist journalists in settling any issue.

LS3A0236Concession stands are places in the souvenir and catering zone of the stadium. According to the salesmen, merchandise for sport fans is traditionally very popular among the visitors.

LS3A0299The stadium is looking forward to the start of the races of world’s best biathletes. Ugra is also waiting for the Winter Deaflympics that will begin in Khanty-Mansiysk a few days after the closing of the World Cup. By the way, the funicular going to the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” is seen on this picture. The complex will host the competitions in snowboarding and alpine skiing.

LS3A0265The wind is very strong and catchy today in Khanty-Mansiysk. Biathletes and coaches hope that the conditions for shooting will be better on the days of races.

LS3A0289A four-legged fan of biathlon was spotted on the stadium. By the way, after every race the medal-winners are riding reindeer sleighs. Reindeers will come to Khanty-Mansiysk from Surgut region. Many of the animals have a big experience in dealing with world champions and Olympic winners in the past.

LS3A0314The last preparation works are being done on the track and the shooting range. It’s good that there’s plenty of snow in Ugra.

LS3A0252The whole media-centre team says hello to this volunteer girl! Don’t get bored, it will be much funnier tomorrow!