The Clock is Ticking; 30 days until Östersund

Mixed Relay Season Opener

The clock is ticking as the countdown is at 30 days until the season-opening mixed relay at 15:30 CET in the Östersund Ski Stadium.

Copyright: IBU/Christian Manzoni
Copyright: IBU/Christian Manzoni

This will be the third year in a row that the new biathlon season kicks off with the mixed relay competition that over the years has become both a fan and athlete favorite.

Teams on Snow

As the season quickly approaches many of the teams are training on snow or getting ready to head to some area already deep into winter. Currently, both the Russian and Ukrainian women are taking advantage of good snow conditions in Tyumen, while the Belarusian team has equally good conditions in Vuokatti. The Swedish team is in Muonio. The Italian team had 4 plus km of groomed tracks in Antholz after a meter of the white stuff fell recently. However despite cold nights, Lukas Hofer commented that “The snow may be gone soon as it has been very warm in the daytime.” The Italians plan to head to Norway on November 6, if there are good conditions in the northern area.

Can Czech Republic Repeat?

Regardless of where they spend the next month, the top athletes will be in the stadium on November 30 for the season kickoff. The question, as always this early is, “Who will be in shape and make the podium?” Just as a quick refresher—the Czech Republic team of Soukalova, Vitkova, Vitek and Moravec won last year over Norway and Ukraine. At the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, Norway with Berger, Eckhoff, Björndalen, and Svendsen topped the Czech team and Italy grabbed the Bronze medal. That should get everyone thinking about which of these teams or another not mentioned will look the best on November 30.

The excitement is building and the Countdown to Östersund is on!

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