Khanty-Mansiysk has hosted the official Opening Ceremony of the Biathlon World Cup. The fascinating show was watched by more than 2 000 spectators.

The Ceremony has started with an impressive video installation representing 4 biathletes. They were skiing on the show venue on roller skis used in summer biathlon disciplines. The athletes have made several rounds along the venue and then performed shooting in standing position.

Of cause, the elements of a light show were greeted with cheers by the audience. Every Opening Ceremony of the biathlon competitions in Ugra the organizers try to do their best to impress spectators and athletes; this year they managed to succeed in this again.Открытие (1)

Further on the main participants of the competitions – biathletes from 27 countries – have appeared on the venue. Waving flags of their countries, smiling and greeting the audience they have proceeded to their spectator seats on the central stand of the venue. The team of Russia was finishing the procession. It was the time for the national anthem of the host country. The drum show has introduced the flag ceremony. The honor to sing the national anthem of Russia was given to Kristina Styazhenko – a multiple laureate of international song contests.

Afterwards the stage was taken by the acting Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova, the Deputy Minister of Sport of Russia Yury Nagornykh and the President of IBU Anders Besseberg.

Открытие (7)«Again Ugra is meeting spring with big biathlon. We were waiting for you, preparing the stadium and the city. Our addiction to biathlon became stronger and we hope that you will feel this in the next few days», — said Natalia Komarova to the audience.

The Deputy Minister of Sport of Russia Yury Nagornykh reminded that after 2 years break the world biathlon is returning to the capital of Russian biathlon – Khanty-Mansiysk, on the hospitable Ugra land.

«We will be witnessing the unique biathlon festival. Khanty-Mansiysk will gain the attention of the whole world. I wish success and luck to all the athletes and enjoying the upcoming biathlon feast to the spectators», — said the Deputy Minister.

«I wish all the athletes – the world’s best biathletes – luck and success in the coming days. I know that the organizing committee of the competitions made its best to provide athletes with the best and fair conditions», — underlined Anders Besseberg.

He has assured the audience that in the upcoming few days they will watch the fascinating races. «I was very glad to know that almost all the tickets for races of this week are sold off», — said the president of IBU.

Открытие (9)After the official opening of the competitions the show has continued with performance of traditional folk ensembles. The choreographic bands gave a performance with elements of traditional dances of peoples of the North living in Ugra. The show has finished with the traditional Russian folk dances – fervent and bright.

After 2 years break the big biathlon is back to Ugra. This is the 9th World Cup held in the region. And this time Khanty-Mansiysk is hosting IBU World Cup 9. Natalia Komarova has noted that two nines symbolize the top quality.