“Best in Sochi 2014” Honor to Björndalen

“My Greatest Award Ever”

Norway’s 2014 Olympic Sprint Gold medalist Ole Einar Björndalen was honored today in Bangkok, Thailand as the Best Male Performer at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games. This honor was presented at the ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees) assembly, which represents 204 NOCS. The ceremony was broadcast in 25 countries and had over 1200 journalists in attendance. Greatest Award

Björndalen, the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time with 13 medals including 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze called this, “The Greatest award I have ever received.”

Well-Planned Trip

The “King of Biathlon” is well known as a meticulous planner of his training and this trip half-way around the world was well mapped out. “I knew that I was nominated for this award for a while, that is why I arranged my training plans in the way that I can have two free days for this trip to Bangkok. I trained hard for almost four weeks, was on training camp, and looked forward for this little pause from preparations for upcoming season. I’m well prepared for this trip. I had a direct flight from Oslo so this is perfect. I took 20 sandwiches in my hand luggage, made by our chef Eva. My return flight on Saturday, will take me from +30 degrees in Bangkok to -10 and perfect snow conditions in Beitostølen.”

Proud of Norway and Biathlon

In a prepared statement, Björndalen thanked many of those who have supported him over his long career, that includes his first Olympic Winter Games in 1994 at home in Lillehammer, Norway. “Today I received a very prestigious award in the very first ANOC Gala Award Dinner in Bangkok. This is very likely the greatest award I have ever received, so this was very unexpected and fun. I’m honored to receive it especially when all Olympic committees in the world were voting, and I’m proud to be Norwegian in this case. I’m also proud for my sport of biathlon to achieve this in competition with other winter sports.


I would like to thank everybody who has helped me throughout my career. It’s impossible to name everybody but special thanks goes to all coaches and servicemen, the Norwegian Biathlon federation, Olympiatoppen and all my sponsors. I couldn’t have developed myself as an athlete without you!”

Congratulations to Ole Einar on this prestigious award from all of the Biathlon Family!

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