Benedikt Doll: It’s a great success for me to be on podium with MArtin and Anton

The press-conference with medal-winners of the Biathlon World Cup 9 was held today, on March’19 upon the end of men’s sprint.

The first questions of journalists were addressed to the winner of the race Martin Fourcade.


— I was not very fast on the shooting range but I was good at skiing. I was very focused on winning today’s race, so now I feel tired. Athletes were so concentrated today, more than during other World Cups.

Despite of the big gap between me and Anton, I was feeling nervous that he will be able to shorten it today, so the result is very pleasant for me. As for the conditions for shooting, they were not ideal today; still they were much better than on yesterday’s training when the wind was very strong.

Anton, you showed fast skiing, didn’t you?

-I liked the race today. After the World Championships I feel very motivated, my physical shape is very good so I hope races of the next few days will be also successful for me.

It is difficult to compete with Martin; I am more interested in keeping my second place in the total score. I think this season will end with current overall standings and I will do my best to fight for the big Crystal Globe in the next season.


Anton, is the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk special for you?

— I feel very glad that the season ends in Khanty-Mansiysk; it’s always a pleasure to compete here. There are a lot of fans on the stadium; some of them are my relatives and friends.  And the fact that I am competing in my home country makes me feel more motivated.

Benedikt, this is your first podium of the World Cup, was it a surprise for you?


— I have a very good feeling; however, my condition before the race was unstable. I think it’s the same with the majority of athletes in the end of the season. I felt full of energy after the first uphill! I have never felt like this before. I had one penalty in prone and made no mistakes in standing.

During all the season the gap between me and the leader was around 30 seconds in sprint. Today there was only 18 seconds. This year I learnt not only how to keep my advantage but also how to increase it. That’s why it’s a great success for me to be on podium with Martin and Anton.

This season your first race was on the World Cup 4, what can you say about your physical shape?

— I had problems with shooting in the beginning of the season, I was training hard and this was worth it. My conditions for the World Championships were very good. Usually I need a few races to get into the optimal shape, and this is how I feel now.